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In the lands of the Basques

Basque lands (Basque. Euskal Erria) is one of the most interesting regions of Western Europe. It is not so easy to determine it geographically. Basques inhabit both the Basque Country itself (Spanish Pais Vasco; Basque. Euskadi), an autonomous community in northern Spain, and two vast provinces in France, as well as the historic region of Navarre, which is now part of both Spain and France. The Spanish lands of the Basques are called Hegoalde - “Southern Country”, the French - Iparralde - “Northern Country”. The origin of the Basques and their language are even still a mystery. Genetically, they are almost not connected with any of the modern peoples of the Mediterranean; this can be traced even at the level of blood composition. There is a theory that the Basques came from the Caucasus, but this is only one of the versions. The Basque language does not belong to Indo-European, nor to any of the other well-known families of languages, and is a so-called pseudo-isolated language. Genetic links of the language are not established. Equally distinctive are the Basque traditions and customs, songs, dances and ceremonies.
At the same time, the Basque Country is the most industrialized region of the Iberian Peninsula and one of the richest. French Basque lands are also not inferior. Major cities — cultural and industrial centers — coexist with cozy villages, mountain slopes, and picturesque beaches. And about the Basque cuisine certainly all have heard. Therefore, the Basque lands definitely should be visited, at least once in a lifetime. It will be gastronomic-and cultural-and beach-and active touism - all in one. And most importantly, it is an opportunity to get acquainted with the rich history of the mysterious people and, perhaps, get a little closer to unraveling it.
Perhaps you should make San Sebastian the starting point of your route - it is between the Spanish and French Basque lands. And then you can choose where to go, North or South.

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